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Suradech Taweesaengsakulthai, talks about “Smart Mobility and Smart City Concepts”

Suradech Taweesaengsakulthai, talks about “Smart Mobility and Smart City Concepts”

Due to circumstances, the time and format of this event have been changed as follows.
Thank you for your understanding. ① Holding time: 15:00-16:30 → 15:30-17:00
② Format: Hybrid (offline venue / online) → Online only 

The Thai company we will be introducing this time is Cho Thavee, which manufactures and sells vehicles such as trucks.

The company started its business as a truck body assembly factory in Khon Kaen Province, northeastern Thailand, and has been providing integrated services for over 50 years as a manufacturer of special purpose vehicles, from design, manufacture, sales, and after-sale of trucks and transport trailers.

In recent years, we have expanded into advanced technology fields such as electric commercial vehicle (EV) development, self-driving technology, and fintech, and are also participating in a coalition of 20 private companies developing a smart city in Khon Kaen. This smart city development project is a good example of sustainable urban development and is attracting a lot of attention as the "Khon Kaen Model."

The company's special purpose vehicle business aims to expand sales and after-sales services in the Japanese market, as well as develop new aircraft ground support vehicles in the future, and is looking for Japanese partners. In the Thai market, we are looking for joint development and joint investment partners in the smart mobility business, which aims to develop EVs for buses, taxis, trucks, trailers, large commercial vehicles, etc., as well as smart city projects and cutting-edge technology services. .

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This time's "Open Innovation Talk" will take a deep dive into Suradech Taweesaengsakulthai business strategy and co-creation opportunities with Japanese companies, which is working to solve regional issues with urban development that does not rely on taxes and cutting-edge technology.

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