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Express Analysis Mobile Unit

Express Analysis Mobile Unit

Cho Thavee Public Company Limited and Chulalongkorn University Together in the production of a special express analysis vehicle.

It is a mobile laboratory on a 6-wheel truck.

Inside the cabinet, there is a usable area of 16.8 square meters (7 meters x 2.4 meters). The reagent preparation room and the PCR analysis room are equipped with a buffer room to control and prevent the leakage of pathogens, along with equipment installed inside the vehicle. The results of the infection can be detected within 3 hours, and the said vehicle has been certified by the Department of Medical Sciences, with the Department of Communicable Disease Control granted by King Vajiralongkorn for use in the analysis of COVID-19 results. T-19 for the first time, it is the most infinite grace. to have the opportunity to participate in such an important project Thanks for the news photo. and more articles