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"CHO Thavee PLC." signed a cooperation agreement to push for the use of clean energy

"CHO Thavee PLC." signed a cooperation agreement to push for the use of clean energy. Hoping to add value to agricultural waste materials and expand them into biofuels.

On February 29, 2024, at 3:00 PM, a signing ceremony was held to record the agreement for cooperation in the production of SAF, Green Naphtha, Green Hydrogen, and Biochar between Cho Thavee Public Company Limited , Ronitron Company Limited, and Nex Energy Systems Global Limited (NESG) at SCG Experience CDC, Bangkok. Cho Thavee Public Company Limited , a leader in innovation and sustainable technology for Smart City and Green Mobility, signed a cooperation agreement with Thai startup Ronitron, a developer of clean energy, to jointly produce SAF, Green Hydrogen, Green Naphtha, and Biochar as alternative fuels for businesses related to clean energy. They will utilize KUG technology in collaboration with Nex Energy Systems Global Limited (NESG) to convert Agricultural Waste to Energy, increasing income for Thai farmers. This collaboration, which also involves Fintechinno Limited, aims to develop a Carbon Credit management system for future projects. In the first phase, it is expected to produce an initial quantity of 26 million liters per year, resulting in a reduction of at least 52,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually. Furthermore, expansion could lead to a reduction of no less than 1 million tonnes of CO2 emissions annually, contributing significantly to Thailand's Net Zero Emission efforts and benefiting Thai farmers and various sectors including agriculture, transportation, industry, and Fintech technology in advancing Thailand's Decarbonization for Sustainability mission. Mr. Supakin Somsri, CEO of Ronitron Company Limited, and Dr. Suradet Taweesangsakulthai, Chairman of Cho Thavee Public Company Limited , signed the agreement together. Cho Thavee Public Company Limited is a diversified business group focusing on sustainable technology covering transportation and Smart City public utilities. Mr. Chaowalit Jaengchai, Chairman of Fintechinno Limited, and Mr. Pairat Saengklieng, Director of Ronitron Company Limited, honored the event as witnesses. This cooperation will transform these companies into major developers of environmentally sustainable systems from Bio-Based Supply at the Asian level. For more information, visit and