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CHO is confident that the revenue will grow 10% throughout the year, join hands with SAP - NETIZEN to set up a system.

CHO is confident that the revenue will grow 10% throughout the year, join hands with SAP - NETIZEN to set up a system.

          Cho Thavee Dollasien Public Company Limited (CHO) join hands with SAP and Netisent Co., Ltd. to jointly implement an ERP system with Cloud Based solutions, which is a technology from SAP called SAP Business ByDesign for information management. Every sector can be recorded in a real-time system that can quickly analyze, process, and retrieve data from anywhere in every situation. Precise, along with international safety standards from SAP by the energetic executive "Mr. Suradej Taweesaengsakulthai" is confident that this overhaul of the ERP system of the organization will be able to raise the service standards for customers in all sectors. And to support the plan to open 8 one-stop service maintenance centers for all types of commercial vehicles nationwide within 2018.

           CHO expects Q1/16 budget close to last year Still confident that the revenue will grow 10% this year, the net profit margin is expected to reach 6% from last year's 4%, focusing on cost management. Invest this year's investment budget of 200 million baht, build 2 service centers - develop business systems, believe that the BMTA will open a new auction during this April - ready to enter the auction again Waiting for the bidding results for the Ministry of Defense's work, worth nearly 100 million baht, hoping to grab 50% of the work, stock up on the backlog of 650 million baht, will gradually recognize this year, the remaining 50% until 2017.


            Mr. Suradej Taweesaengsakulthai President and Chief Executive Officer of Cho Thavee Dollasien Public Company Limited or CHO revealed that the company expects operating results in the first quarter of 2016, similar to the same period last year. Due to the overall economic slowdown, investment has decreased significantly. However, it is expected that this year's revenue will grow by about 10%, which is the growth from both domestic and international jobs that are still expanding. At the same time, in terms of CLMV, there are still continuous orders for the company's products.


            The company expects net profit margin this year to reach 6% from 4% last year. BMTA canceled the auction of NGV transport vehicles, but in part of this year, the company had better cost management. together with cooperation with SAP (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (SAP) in terms of management systems As a result, the company can significantly reduce costs. which in the short term may not have much effect But in the period of about 2 or more, the company believes that it will be able to bring the aforementioned system to continue expanding the business while also reducing financial costs as well.


            In addition, the company has invested around 200 million baht this year to expand two service centers, which are currently in the process of negotiating to buy land in the Chonburi area. Including the construction, it will cost approximately 60 million baht per location. And the rest is used to develop the company's work system to have more potential.


            In addition, the company believes BMTA will open a new round of bidding for NGV vehicles. According to BMTA, it is currently in the process of drafting bidding conditions and will conclude during April 5, 2016. If this actually happens, the company is ready. to enter the auction again Although there were still problems in the previous auction.


            "If the BMTA opens a bid for another company, it is ready to participate in the bidding immediately. Although there were problems from the previous round and still believe The BMTA will correct the problems that have arisen and restore confidence, "said Suradet.


            He also said The company is waiting for the bidding results for the Ministry of Defense worth nearly 100 million baht and expects to receive about 50% of the total value of the work.


            There are also works in the process of bidding that cannot be specified, such as private sector works both domestically and internationally. Including work in the Navy which is a type of ship assembly work


            For the company currently has a backlog of approximately 650 million baht, ready to be recognized as revenue from the second quarter onwards until the end of this year, about 50%, and the other 50% will be recognized as revenue during the year 2017.


            The company has signed a contract with SAP (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (SAP), the manufacturer of ERP system software solutions, SAP Business ByDesign, to bring the ERP system to develop with CHO and has appointed Netisent Co., Ltd. SAP software distributor and the first leader in Thailand To be a consultant to improve the ERP system from SAP with SAP Business ByDesign software solutions with an investment budget of over 10 million baht.


            This is a technology from SAP, which is an extension of SAP HANA. It is an in-memory technology platform on the cloud that supports organizations that need to deal with large amounts of data and perform transactions in a variety of channels with speed. Simplify efficiency and increase business efficiency in Subscription investments that can control costs. And reduce the cost of server maintenance, including SAP Business ByDesign, there are more functions than traditional ERP, such as SCM, CRM, BI and Mobility, which can help improve the system and increase efficiency. The work of the organization to adapt to the market conditions that are competitive and highly changing in the current situation.


            CHO aims to use information from all departments of the company. Connected with the ERP system, SAP Business ByDesign software solution, as well as using Server on Cloud to increase the speed of data access and high level of storage security. in all systems of the company In particular, inventory management systems, sales, distribution and service repair center management. distributed in different provinces to be able to store and access data from all centers as the same data quickly It is also a data management system. That the team can know the situation and problems in real time, only with Wifi and App. Program, which will result in the after-sales management team both domestically and internationally Able to contact the office and various background information of customers used to make decisions, solve problems or promote sales accurately and precisely.

           “The SAP software ERP system is ranked number one in Thailand because it has the largest number of users. In addition, the system is being developed to be up-to-date all the time. Therefore, we are highly trusted for selecting SAP software including Neticent with long experience and quality. come to plan and install an ERP system, SAP Business ByDesign software solution, which is one of the world's best management programs, will help manage various tasks is a standard system And can use the data to process to create operational strategies as well. In addition, the company also stores all data on the SAP Cloud which has servers in 5 countries around the world. Make it safe and convenient to retrieve various information. Can be used anywhere, every situation on the application via the Internet network such as 3G / 4G immediately to raise the standard of data management. And to support the plan to open another 8 One Stop Services maintenance centers for commercial vehicles across the country by the year 2018, including sales and after-sales services in other product groups of the company anywhere in the world, "said Suradet.


            While David Faucher, Executive Vice President, Asia Pacific and China, SAP Business ByDesign SAP, which is Europe's largest software provider and the world's third largest, said SAP's ERP system, which has always been the world's number one market leader, is can help support the work of customers It enables organizations of all sizes to be able to analyze their business processes at each stage of their business to help reduce costs, increase productivity, and make the work of personnel from each department in the organization easy to work together and efficiently. more efficient


            “We strongly believe that our products will be able to support CHO's work very well. In addition, the collaboration for the ERP system installation project with NETZEN by using SAP Business ByDesign software solutions to help enhance the organization's operations this time. Will be able to open up business opportunities for CHO that is expanding and growing in the market continuously. SAP and NETIZEN will work closely together to apply SAP Business ByDesign to be close to and meet the needs of CHO. as much as possible to bring competitiveness in the market This will result in CHO being able to achieve the goals set. to create stability create a strong growth for the organization completely,” said Mr. David Faucher.


            Mr. Seri Sathukitchai, Chief Operating Officer of Netisent Co., Ltd., IT and Business Solution Consultant, technology leader from world-class software such as SAP to develop business operation systems according to customer needs. added that the company has been a partner with SAP for a long time. In addition, we have more than 15 years of experience in consulting and installing ERP systems with SAP software. Trusted by leading organizations both domestically and internationally. Therefore, we are confident that the company will be another important force that helps CHO achieve its goal of implementing the system with the SAP Business ByDesign software solution of the organization for sure this time.


            “We are an IT and Business Solution consulting company, using technology from world-class software such as SAP to help develop our customers' business operations. and we have qualified personnel which have special expertise With at least 15 years of experience, we are also the market leader who has brought Cloud Computing technology from leading partners such as AWS to help make work easier and meet the needs of CHO, which has a group of customers all over the world. as well,” added Seri.


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