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Cho Thavee, one of Thailand’s largest special purpose vehicle manufacturers.

Cho Thavee, one of Thailand’s largest special purpose vehicle manufacturers.

Special purpose vehicle manufacturer working on cutting-edge technology and smart city development


Cho Thavee is one of the largest special purpose vehicle manufacturers based in northeastern Thailand, and has been providing integrated services from design, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales of trucks and transport trailers for over 50 years. . Currently, the company is expanding into cutting-edge technology fields such as electric commercial vehicle (EV) development, self-driving technology, and fintech, as well as a coalition of 20 private companies that is at the center of the smart city development plan in Khon Kaen. Participating.

Suradech Taweesaengsakulthai main businesses are as follows.  

Project management business/Specialized vehicle manufacturingAircraft ground support vehicles (catering vehicles), defense equipment such as Thai Army armored vehicles, Thai Navy patrol boats, LRT (light rail) in local areas, etc. Design, manufacturing, maintenance services, etc. Operation management of buses, route buses, etc. and 24-hour service center operation


Smart mobility business / New technology development for electric commercial vehicles (EV), etc.EV conversion of buses, taxis, trucks, trailers, large commercial vehicles, etc., EV charger back-end (server side processing) technology, autonomous driving / AI robot technology Development of related latest technology

Smart city business and cutting-edge technology servicesCutting-edge technology services such as a new mobility society, renewable energy (sustainable society), fintech fields, metaverse, AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), XR (cross reality), etc. Initiatives to create a livable local community by providing


Partner recruitment background

We would like to further expand our sales and after-sales services in our special purpose vehicle business in the Japanese market, and we are also aiming to expand our aircraft ground support vehicles in Japan in the future.

Additionally, in the Thai market, the company is progressing with the development of electric vehicles such as buses, taxis, trucks, trailers, and large commercial vehicles, and is considering joint development with electric vehicle (EV) parts manufacturers.