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CHO Smart Transit (CST)

Is a modern mass transportation system with Smart city Buses included new age technology and system integration for Bus Operation and Maintenance for public  transportation.
  • Convenient and fast to use the service.
  • Able to check the route, duration, and timetable

  • User safety

  • Know the status of the car and on time.

  • Increase channels of news updates from the Smart Signage service.

  • Intelligent sign to link the vehicle system (Services for special projects)

  • There is a common ticket system that can be managed by a single driver.





Shuttle Bus Service Project under the concept of Green Smart CAMPUS as a welfare-receiving service Students and staff Of Khon Kaen University, 20 vehicles running within Khon Kaen University in 5 lines from 07.00-21.00 hrs every day

Project for procurement, management and maintenance of 24 air conditioned Smart Bus 24-seat buses from KHONKAEN CITY BUS that operate in Khon Kaen Municipality

The procurement of bus management and maintenance for the 35 seats low floor smart bus air-conditioned bus of Marat Transport which runs on the route R26E (Bang Phli - Victory Monument Bangkok)

Air-conditioned bus assembly project Use 489 natural gas fuels (vehicles with maintenance program) Of the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA)

Operation Management and Maintenance Project for Air Conditioned Buses with Low Floor Smart Buses, 35 seats, of RTC Chiang Mai City Bus that operate in Chiang Mai Municipality , And a total of the RTC Nonthaburi City Bus In the Nonthaburi Municipality.

Refurblisment 57-Busses for Transportation Company LTD.
งานปรับปรุงรถโดยสารปรับอากาศ ของบริษัท ขนส่ง จำกัด จำนวน 57 คัน