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Offshore Patrol Vessel : OPV

Offshore Patrol Vessel : OPV

In 2009, the Company and related companies (Khon Kaen Cho Thawi (1993) Company Limited and Wallap Trucks and Bus Company Limited) jointly took over the management of the Offshore Patrol Vessel Project: OPV) of the Royal Navy from Bangkok Dock Company Limited by using the boat model from BAE SYSTEMS (United Kingdom), which the company is responsible as a consultant In the improvement of ship structure


Renovation work for the electrical system of a ship from a voltage of 440 volts to be reduced to 380 volts and the related company is responsible as a procurement consultant Financial management Warehouse Logistics, IT, and Maintenance The project took 4 years and delivered the offshore patrol boat in 2013, which is considered the first offshore patrol boat in Thailand. Created by Thai people for the Navy. And now the navy has been given the name of this ship "Krabi boat" and in 2017 the company received some project management

                       Bangkok Dock Company Limited has received the right from BAE SYSTEMS to use the boat designs for commercial offshore patrol boats for 4 years, so the company has the opportunity to undertake additional management duties for offshore reconnaissance boats. If the Navy or Bangkok Dock Company Limited has a project to build a new boat to increase the capability and capability of the marine surveillance for the navy Including foreign customers who want to build a boat and hire Bangkok Dock Company Limited to build the boat according to the said boat model. However, the related company has entered into an agreement not to compete with the company. Therefore, in the future, if there is a project management In another manner, the company will be the only project management recipient